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Care   too young?407/25/14 06:45AM
Showtime   Is white really white?307/25/14 06:17AM
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Care   What is the best way to increase leg muscle in show lambs007/25/14 06:09AM
Care   Putting on cover5107/24/14 11:59PM
Showtime   Showmenship 107/24/14 11:23PM
Care   OG Show Shake707/24/14 10:24PM
Breeders   Possibly interested in one bred ewe this fall107/24/14 08:34PM
Care   cutting weight on lamb.107/24/14 02:13PM
General   Moving update007/24/14 01:44PM
Care   Banding Older Lambs607/24/14 09:26AM
General   2013 Low Profile for sale007/24/14 08:45AM
Care   Out of season breeding 907/24/14 07:34AM
Care   AI of sheep107/23/14 11:42PM
Care   Not your average supplement question...207/23/14 07:35PM
Showtime   How to judge the cover on a show lamb307/23/14 06:35PM
Care   Possible causes of cloudy eye in club lamb507/23/14 04:51PM
Breeders   Wether for Sale. Check this guy out!007/23/14 02:46PM
General   ...007/23/14 01:54PM
Care   LAI semen quality for three rams.... 807/23/14 01:49PM
Breeders   Concho Classic II Club Lamb Sale 007/23/14 11:55AM
Care   Does anyone know what other kinds of sheep there are.207/23/14 10:54AM
Breeders   I have a rockstar son for sale407/23/14 10:18AM
Care   ram507/23/14 12:01AM
Care  ! Fungus 407/22/14 09:44PM
Showtime   How to get my lamb to walk if she stops?907/22/14 09:03PM
Care  ! Help with lamb's skin?1907/22/14 07:44PM
Care   how do i get the lamb to get used to me.207/22/14 06:48PM
Breeders   Showstring for sale, son is done for year.607/22/14 10:33AM
General   Funny Story107/21/14 09:31PM
Care  ! cracks in hoof1307/21/14 07:22PM
Showtime   Setting up a lamb that HATES it1107/21/14 04:08PM
Breeders   Looking for ride007/21/14 01:04PM
Selection   spring ewe rectal prolapse2507/21/14 07:53AM
Showtime   Showmanship007/21/14 01:47AM
Showtime   Fitting607/20/14 11:46PM
Care   holding 1207/20/14 07:21PM
Care   Back Flank Sunk Up407/19/14 05:41PM
Care   Homespun Tricks of the Trade007/19/14 01:05PM
Care   Can mature ewes get white muscle?007/19/14 12:52AM
General   a little fun1007/18/14 11:34PM
Breeders   Quality Club Lambs For Sale Central Texas007/18/14 08:42PM
Care   Looking for ride007/18/14 10:59AM
Care   looking for a ride207/17/14 04:04PM
Care  ! How do I get the yellow stain out of my Dorset?007/17/14 01:06PM
Care   Breeding Flock vs Showing or both407/17/14 11:23AM
Breeders   Looking for rams for sale in Ohio ASAP!!207/17/14 08:38AM
Showtime   Low Profile Trailer007/16/14 09:20PM
Care   Thin about a month away...OG?307/16/14 05:35PM
Care   Blue Ewes - Kansas007/16/14 04:15PM
Care   frrding ?107/16/14 12:09PM
Showtime   judge comment507/16/14 12:04PM
Care   Big middles lamb007/16/14 02:18AM
Showtime  ! Can I show my sheep?507/15/14 10:48PM
Care   Almost time!007/15/14 10:40PM
Care   Not your Normal Wet feeding/Show shake question.107/15/14 10:13PM
Showtime   Looking for show info107/15/14 07:47PM
Care   Any ideas?007/15/14 12:09PM
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