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Care   Pipestone's new book310/23/14 05:27PM
Care   Need to find a 4-H person wanting sheep for breeding010/23/14 12:40PM
Care   Question for Feed Guy010/23/14 01:05AM
General   Transportation CA to Louisville010/23/14 12:32AM
Care   pictures are up410/22/14 07:05PM
Care  ! My lamb has developed a clear runny nose110/22/14 04:32PM
Care   Hand shears610/22/14 01:06PM
Care   How to teach a ewe to eat out of a hanging feeder1210/22/14 12:14PM
Breeders   "Trailboss" Semen Sale Online October 28 - One Day010/21/14 05:31PM
Care  ! lambs sick610/19/14 02:35PM
Showtime   Need some help with numbers110/18/14 01:28PM
Care  ! Hoof rot 1610/18/14 08:58AM
Care   Ewe Lamb410/17/14 07:34PM
Care   New 2015 Sires 010/17/14 03:06PM
Showtime  ! Lamb & Goat Prospect Show010/16/14 11:22PM
Care   Opinions on market lamb010/16/14 09:44AM
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