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Breeders   Who raises dorsets (wether type)1008/27/14 12:18AM
Showtime   Horse Hot Walker908/26/14 11:01PM
Care   Change of direction808/26/14 09:47PM
Care   MN State Fair1508/26/14 09:21PM
Breeders   Starter flock for sale508/26/14 01:22PM
Selection   What is trending in market club lambs?708/25/14 09:22PM
Care   Ewes purchased online3708/25/14 08:45PM
Care  ! lamb going off feed408/25/14 03:43PM
Breeders   well it looks like i will be selling some ewes and a ram308/25/14 11:30AM
Showtime   Online Sheep Show 319/320008/24/14 08:43PM
Care   just wondering108/24/14 03:48PM
Care   Shoe is on the other foot.708/24/14 01:39PM
Care   bracing408/24/14 01:31PM
Care   Now this is cool!108/23/14 09:12PM
Care  ! is there any important sprays for lambs i should know about508/23/14 06:30PM
General   Number of ewes1708/23/14 09:25AM
Breeders   Ram lambs308/22/14 10:25PM
General   Just a small Flock, by Shadowran808/22/14 10:42AM
Care  ! ii was just wondering how much u guys pay for feed1908/21/14 11:52PM
Showtime results posted208/21/14 07:28PM
Showtime   County Fair Judge108/21/14 02:24PM
Care   Feedguy Question408/21/14 01:22AM
Care   Should I be worried??408/20/14 10:15AM
General   just wanted to say thank you008/19/14 11:24PM
Showtime   NAILE lambs 108/19/14 09:44PM
Selection   Fall Breeding108/19/14 08:36PM
Care  ! do you have to wear black pants to show????????808/19/14 01:22PM
Showtime  ! Length?1208/19/14 12:35PM
Care  ! how many pounds do u feed your guys lambs when u first get it108/19/14 06:42AM
General  ! How much is it for feed for my lamb? 208/18/14 10:18PM
Care   drench for show time108/18/14 07:38PM
Showtime   sprays for show 208/18/14 05:45PM
Care  ! how big of a space does a lamb need??????208/18/14 05:28PM
Care   Jackpot- Jacksboro tx sept -13th008/18/14 05:20PM
Care   Guard Dog Puppies008/18/14 03:05PM
Care   Feed survey1408/18/14 11:25AM
Selection   Does anyone know of someone that does sheep repro in Central Texas?208/18/14 12:42AM
Care   When to wash lamb before show?008/17/14 10:35PM
Care   Best way to teach lambs to brace008/17/14 10:11PM
Selection   for OG108/17/14 07:57PM
Breeders   AI?108/17/14 03:27PM
Care   Heat stress008/17/14 10:57AM
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