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Care  ! Diarrhea003/04/15 06:28AM
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Breeders   Lambs for Sale003/02/15 11:22AM
Care   :-(1903/01/15 10:59AM
Care   Farting?402/28/15 05:02PM
Care   Looking for tread Mill002/28/15 01:28PM
Breeders   ONLINE SALE QUESTION3002/27/15 10:47PM
Care   Ewe down in her pasterns102/27/15 09:17PM
Care   the broken leg202/27/15 08:22PM
Care   showmaxx002/27/15 07:01PM
Care  ! Gaining weight 2302/27/15 04:01PM
Care   What changes do I need to make for a parrot/monkey mouthed lamb?2402/27/15 01:07PM
Care   Scouring Ewe502/27/15 12:06PM
Care   feed tags002/27/15 11:59AM
Care   Advice with a ewe1502/26/15 04:40PM
Care   has my lamb got a cold?002/26/15 03:52PM
Care  ! Water in lungs502/26/15 09:46AM
Selection   How can I figure out his genotype?202/26/15 08:51AM
Care  ! Newborn lamb sounds wet when breathing. 102/26/15 07:01AM
Showtime   4-H or FFA kids in Southern Oregon Northern California!!002/25/15 11:51PM
Showtime   fitting legs002/25/15 08:48PM
General   Free puppies to good homes202/25/15 08:06PM
Care   Concerned.....502/25/15 02:03PM
Care   ISO; Wether Sire Ram202/24/15 04:29PM
Care   judge002/24/15 03:50PM
Care   Meat goat002/24/15 11:44AM
Care   Lamb born with brain hemerage302/23/15 06:03PM
Care   Cold202/23/15 05:59PM
Care   Ohio Showring Success Clinic102/23/15 04:39PM
Breeders   Ewe is being confusing102/23/15 04:03PM
Care   Barley drench002/22/15 09:08PM
Showtime   Online Sheep Show 334/335002/22/15 07:39PM
Care  ! Lamb cannot keep anything down for 24 hours202/22/15 07:23PM
Care   Bottle baby ram lamb102/22/15 06:42PM
Care   Worming lambs302/22/15 06:00PM
Care  ! lamb is throwing up002/22/15 02:53PM
Care   does hay make a difference402/22/15 10:31AM
Care   Thanks everyone for the help002/22/15 08:31AM
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