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Care   Linebreeding or inbreeding? opinions on pictures?1008/01/14 10:14PM
Care   Hard touch508/01/14 10:00PM
Care  ! everytime my lamb gets stressed he poops really bad. 1108/01/14 07:02PM
Care   Slick Shear rules408/01/14 06:46PM
Showtime   Tenroc?508/01/14 04:29PM
Care   in need of a lamb308/01/14 03:25PM
Showtime   West Tx Fair Breeding Sheep Show008/01/14 03:12PM
Showtime  ! Melatonin to calm my show lamb?608/01/14 01:20PM
Care   vaccinations308/01/14 12:03PM
Care  ! Yearling ewe issue008/01/14 11:17AM
Breeders   Where is the best place to buy a 4-H lamb?208/01/14 10:15AM
Showtime   Melatonin408/01/14 08:52AM
Care   Shag Maintenance? 208/01/14 07:59AM
Care  ! New Lamb Struggling308/01/14 01:02AM
Showtime   How to train a lamb to not move its feet once set708/01/14 12:50AM
Showtime   Blankets or Sleeve108/01/14 12:36AM
Care   County Fair Presentation 408/01/14 12:31AM
Care   ANYONE NEED TRANSPORTATION? Going to Alabama from Houston and Back007/31/14 03:49PM
Care   Senior Showmanship507/30/14 11:16PM
Showtime   Do judges watch the way your lamb walks in the arena? 1007/30/14 11:16PM
Care   2 proven rams priced for fast sale307/30/14 05:50PM
Care   Track Dog Pros and Cons007/30/14 04:00PM
Showtime   Blue Healer for Track Dog????207/30/14 09:02AM
Care   Best way to teach lambs to brace107/29/14 07:08PM
Breeders   Quality Club Lambs For Sale Central Texas007/29/14 05:58PM
Breeders   Select Cut Sale Champion107/29/14 11:51AM
Breeders   Ewes for sale.107/29/14 09:08AM
Breeders   February 2013 born Ewe for sale207/29/14 12:26AM
Showtime   show results?207/28/14 11:29PM
Care   anyone knows what this is ?1307/28/14 11:15PM
Care   What is Darren Cosby gonna be looking for at Harris County?? Anyone know?007/28/14 04:41PM
Showtime   Showmanship007/28/14 02:52PM
Care   Getting mass and fat on lambs407/28/14 11:12AM
Care  ! Runny nose107/28/14 09:42AM
Care   AI of sheep307/28/14 12:57AM
Showtime   Is it worth it?907/27/14 11:14AM
Care   Praziquantel/ Droncit For Tapeworms207/27/14 08:49AM
Care   Lamb and Goat Walkers for sale.107/27/14 01:22AM
Showtime   Online Sheep Show 315-316007/27/14 12:57AM
Care   ?207/27/14 12:16AM
Care   shears???107/26/14 08:08PM
Care   Looking to Buy Southdown Ewe ASAP.607/26/14 03:00PM
Breeders   Possibly interested in one bred ewe this fall107/25/14 11:24PM
Showtime   Online Sheep Show 303/304007/25/14 02:24PM
Showtime   Showmenship 207/25/14 12:37PM
Care   What is the best way to increase leg muscle in show lambs107/25/14 10:58AM
Showtime   Is white really white?407/25/14 10:47AM
Care   too young?407/25/14 06:45AM
Care   Putting on cover1307/24/14 11:59PM
Care   OG Show Shake307/24/14 10:24PM
Care   cutting weight on lamb.107/24/14 02:13PM
General   Moving update007/24/14 01:44PM
Care   Banding Older Lambs207/24/14 09:26AM
General   2013 Low Profile for sale007/24/14 08:45AM
Care   Out of season breeding 707/24/14 07:34AM
Care   Not your average supplement question...207/23/14 07:35PM
Showtime   How to judge the cover on a show lamb307/23/14 06:35PM
Care   Possible causes of cloudy eye in club lamb107/23/14 04:51PM
Breeders   Wether for Sale. Check this guy out!007/23/14 02:46PM
General   ...007/23/14 01:54PM
Care   LAI semen quality for three rams.... 507/23/14 01:49PM
Breeders   Concho Classic II Club Lamb Sale 007/23/14 11:55AM
Care   Does anyone know what other kinds of sheep there are.207/23/14 10:54AM
Breeders   I have a rockstar son for sale107/23/14 10:18AM
Care   ram207/23/14 12:01AM
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