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bmc1026Posted 04/15/12 01:13AM Send a private email to bmc1026. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Hi Guys, my question is that my youngest brother bought a ewe lamb form this sale in california, really fantastic looking ewe! The issue was that she is slightly parrot mouthed didn't realize this until we brought her home, he really wants to show her, but my gut says no, I know there are ways that you can hide it, my only worry is if the judge were to mouth here? As for breeding her I plan on it, I have heard not to keep the lambs is it true?

TXsheepRaiserPosted 04/15/12 07:43AM Send a private email to TXsheepRaiser. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
it could get iffy on breeding.. But i wouldnt think there would be any problem showing wise..


kciDPosted 04/15/12 08:36AM Send a private email to kciD. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
read the parrot mouth post under this one...

if you plan to show her as a breeding ewe-- expect nothing higher than bottom of the class every time.

kciDPosted 04/15/12 08:37AM Send a private email to kciD. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
boosted it up for you-- directly under it now.

bmc1026Posted 04/15/12 01:29PM Send a private email to bmc1026. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Thanks Guys, I want to point out that it is a county fair if that helps, not a super big show, and truth be told I have never seen the judge mouth a ewe. kciD that sucks what did you end up doing with her?

kciDPosted 04/15/12 01:36PM Send a private email to kciD. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
My original parrot mouth ewe born in 08-- I kept her for a brood ewe. She lambed in 09 with a single ewe lamb, and 10 with twin ram lambs-- then died the summer of 10 in the July heat-- only heat stress of the summer. None of her three lambs had PM.

However, the daughter is 2 for 4 with producing PM lambs. She's on the cull list-- which might get enacted very quickly.

bmc1026Posted 04/15/12 01:56PM Send a private email to bmc1026. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
So don't keep the offspring? I have never dealt with a parrot mouth before, so it's new to me!

DonD1Posted 04/15/12 02:58PM Send a private email to DonD1. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
The primary reason to select against Parrot Mouth is that the sheeps ability to graze is degraded. It depends how poorly the jaw lines up with the teeth. The sheep literally has difficulty treat the grass off and can then be extremely thin inspite of what appears to be more than adequate feed. It's not a problem when they are fed harvested feed both most sheep spend some time grazing during the year.

As Kcid found out you can sometimes show a sheep and keep the judge from seeing the defect but if you slip up it's an easy placing for the judge. Because PM is defect that impacts how practical the sheep is, even at a little county fair if the judge notices it, you will probably end up on the end of the class you're not trying to be on.

bmc1026Posted 04/15/12 03:08PM Send a private email to bmc1026. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Thanks for the impute, we just decided it was best to scratch her, better safe than sorry. She is out on pasture right now and seems to be doing well, she looks good.

DonD1Posted 04/15/12 03:15PM Send a private email to DonD1. Changed 04/15/12 03:15PM
DownWithHairPosted 04/15/12 04:10PM Send a private email to DownWithHair. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
If it isn't too bad and they mouth them, you might be able to hide it, but its hard to explain in writing how to do it. Basically, just play around with her bottom jaw until you find a way to sneakily pull it forward until they line up. Just depends on how bad it is if you can do it. It also depends on how good of a showman he is. Some you can do this on, some you can't...just play with it and see

kciDPosted 04/15/12 08:32PM Send a private email to kciD. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
dwh... much easier done with monkey mouth and rubber bands...

pm most often is hid just by sticking your finger in it's mouth-- and the judge without thinking-- either feels your finger, or the sheep is chomping and the judge just continues forward.

if you are planning to do this sometime in the future-- the odds of it working-- are less than they are breeding an NS sheep to an NS sheep-- and getting a dead lamb- which occurs 25% of the time. I would guess less than 10% you'll get away with hiding the defect.

so, do you mind standing dead last 9 out of 10 times?

bmc1026Posted 04/15/12 08:49PM Send a private email to bmc1026. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Like I stated earlier, We are prob not going to take her to the fair just to be on the safe side, however just for personal experience I will try what dwh said, we do have a month till the fair. Different subject, I had a ewe with some crusty eyes, it wasn't pink eye, but a few days later the skin and hair is peeling off her face, I have never seen this before, also I can see the new skin, but no hair yet, anybody know what this is?

DownWithHairPosted 04/15/12 11:12PM Send a private email to DownWithHair. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
I have been able to do it with much success on horses(we have to open their mouths and show teeth). I know different animal, but their jaws are not all that different...a little thing I do with a couple judges is flip their lips up if they check teeth from the front(some judges seem really appreciative of that) then they just can look and my lamb stands still. Never hurts to try a few things!
Kcid never thought of that... Gonna have to play around with that on a pony I have that is just a touch pm (like 1/8 inch)

kciDPosted 04/16/12 06:40AM Send a private email to kciD. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
bmc-- pair peeling off around the eyes is two things-- one ringworm-- or two rolled eyelids. sounds like if the eye is watery and crusty-- it's rolled eyelids.

dwh> rubber bands won't do you any good with PM, b/c you'll have to pull the bottom jaw forward=- not backward.

and you can't use just any rubber band.. needs to be one of the large industrial sized 10 inch x 1/2 inch ones.

DownWithHairPosted 04/16/12 04:17PM Send a private email to DownWithHair. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
I meant the making her chew, but she just enjoys fleming when you mess with her mouth


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