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if i want to make money???

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amwPosted 08/01/11 09:35AM Send a private email to amw. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
if i want to make money at fair should i do a few sheep or a pig??

KyhampbreederPosted 08/01/11 10:48AM Send a private email to Kyhampbreeder. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM

Too many variables.No location in your profile makes it impossible to predict. Most locations starting any livestock project with the goal of making money is not a good idea.

GarrettsMomPosted 08/01/11 11:20AM Send a private email to GarrettsMom. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
I know last year my son had lambs and pigs, and the cost of the pig feed was quite a bit higher..lamb feed was $18 a bag, and pig feed was $23-30, and pigs ate a lot more feed than the lambs. The feed bill was the big difference, and the sale amount after the shows on pigs was only $0.40/lb and lambs brought over $2.00 lb. That was last year in Texas....just a consideration, and we aren't doing any pigs this year, just lambs based on our own experience.

boss94Posted 08/01/11 12:37PM Send a private email to boss94. Changed 08/02/11 01:58AM
well it depends on a lot of things like GarrettsMom said you feed is a big cost ... if your with a program that has a lot of animals and you buy by the ton, your gonna save quite a bit... and depending on what you feed them bags are gonna cost different... In Southern California as long as you dont go through auction, your gonna make money on your animal, but auction its a 50-50 chance it also depends on how much you purchase your animal for. Ex. Last year I made money running a lamb through auction, but other kids who spent $350/400 on their lambs did not.

It also depends what you want to do, are you wanting to raise livestock, or are you wanting to raise a show animal?

westtexPosted 08/01/11 01:55PM Send a private email to westtex. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
If you are looking for a project to make money, don't do it, go get a job and spend your free time doing that. If you want to raise a project to learn about the industry and gain life-skills then you will get lots of help on here.

amwPosted 08/01/11 02:09PM Send a private email to amw. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
i want to do a sheep and me and my cousin are getting two so we will go in half on the food and all the extra needed things. we live in ohio.. and are plan right now is to show the sheep and then auction it off at the end.. we are wanting to make a little money but we mostly want to do it for the experience.
any tips??

westtexPosted 08/01/11 02:57PM Send a private email to westtex. Changed 08/01/11 03:13PM
If that is your plan, then find a reputable breeder in your area that is willing to help you. This is very important for beginning feeders. Contact them early and spend as much as you can and be comfortable if you do not earn it back. My original answer was based on the fact that there are lot people that try to do this to make money, and although money can be made, but year in and year out it is not a money making venture for most. Hope this helps. Also, do you not have a County Agent or Ag Teacher in your area that is willing to help with your projects?

buckeyePosted 08/01/11 03:15PM Send a private email to buckeye. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Very well said Vance.

DonD1Posted 08/01/11 03:21PM Send a private email to DonD1. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
One of the reasons it isn't a money making endeavor is once you start to show you will naturally want to take some of the advice you get. However, a lot of times the advice means, "spend a little more feed", "buy a better blade to clip the lambs with" or even spend a little bit more to start with a better lamb.

Kids can make money raising livestock but usually it would be doing it without the showing part. Once you start to show the ways to spend more money are incredible.

One of the best ways I can think of to mitigate costs when starting a project are to try to find someone that is at the end of their showing career and wants to sell our of their equipment to someone new. A lot of times a very good price can be obtained simply because they like the idea of helping someone start out.

GarrettsMomPosted 08/01/11 03:33PM Send a private email to GarrettsMom. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Our county show allows the kids to sell one project animal at the auction (and are nice enough to let the kids keep the animal) so they are able to usually get between $300-500 from their project sale. Most of the texas major shows are terminal, and animals are sold at market value and the kids get a little money there also, but definately no where near what you put into buying, feeding and raising lambs for 6 months. You might check and see if your county show has a similar policy and show at the county level.

StarShowLambsPosted 08/01/11 03:52PM Send a private email to StarShowLambs. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Showing should not be treated as a way to make some money. Showing an animal is something that should be fun, but at the same a learning experience. Yes you can end up making money, but dont bet one it expectialy your first year or even second year.

Its a huge learning experience, learning how to make your lamb look the best through proper feeding and exersicing and showmanship practices, among other things. Then at the end of the show season, you can be proud of what you accomplished and look forward to the next season that will be even better.

As for the question to get a lamb or pig, I would ofcourse choose a lamb, not just because they are cheaper to feed .


GarrettsMomPosted 08/01/11 04:53PM Send a private email to GarrettsMom. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Yes, Casey, agree 100% about the experience and learning, caring and raising the animal. We have learned so much in just the 3 short years we have showed....(it isn't about making any $$ but in our area the county shows are the best way for the kids to get a small "reward" for their hard work.) My son had a friend who won grand champion at county and got $1000.00 at the county sale....the friend spent it all on video games and clothes...my son was devistated...he told him "you should have put back into your animals next year, I would kill for an extra $1000.00 for animal purchases" Coming from a 10 year old, I was very proud of him, and that he was thinking ahead to next year.

SHADOWRANPosted 08/01/11 05:18PM Send a private email to SHADOWRAN. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
This is the deal you want to show a "market animals" as the name implies you need to market it or sale it, become a good salesman. the kids who the best at selling their lambs usually have multiple buyers or people who are will to donate so much per pound. I have seen kids get together 10 buyers and some donations and their lamb goes for over $15 a pound and 130 lamb can generate some money after expenses.

But I agree with what Casey says.


sweetmtn1Posted 08/01/11 06:23PM Send a private email to sweetmtn1. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
One thing that wasnt addressed in this was this: what happens if you are DEPENDING on making a bit of $$, and your lamb dies or is killed. I always tell new kids and their parents..Dont spend more than you are willing to loose! Making a profit on any market animal is a gamble, not a given. That said...in most of the 4-H and FFA programs..it is for a LEARNING experience, not a money maker. Yet there are always some families that do anything possible to win at any cost..and then there are NUMEROUS families that do the hard work and years of experience that do win and make a tidy profit..then there are the rest that barely break even for the next year....just saying.

KyhampbreederPosted 08/01/11 06:25PM Send a private email to Kyhampbreeder. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM

And not all counties in Ohio have any sort of sale. That's not uncommon in a number of states.


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