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sheepfreak101Posted 10/27/09 11:41AM Send a private email to sheepfreak101. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
We are going to NAILE for the 1st time this year. No one from our FFA chapter has ever gone to this show before. We have only attend shows that allow you to muzzle. How do you prevent the sheep from eating wood chips. Last week my daughters lamb got his muzzle off one night and his belly just went down yesterday. We sprayed vingar on the chips Sunday and that has not helped any. We were told cedar chips might help. Has anyone used these? Also is drenching allowed at this show. I read the rules and it says ethical watering practice is to be used?

KyhampbreederPosted 10/27/09 12:00PM Send a private email to Kyhampbreeder. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM

Vinegar can encourage consumption of shavings. Cedar fiber mulch works fairly well as do the manufactured show beddings.
We start bedding lambs on shavings months before a show. Lambs soon learn the shavings aren't food. [ we also feed quite a bit of hay every feeding]
Drenching is very open at NAILE. In 20+ years there it's never been an issue.

sheepfreak101Posted 10/27/09 12:49PM Send a private email to sheepfreak101. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
We use suncoast shavings. Is there another brand I should look for?

SHADOWRANPosted 10/27/09 01:15PM Send a private email to SHADOWRAN. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
We use cedar fiber bedding they don't like it as much or cedar shavings,like KY said get them used to it. We haven't been able to use muzzles for years out here so we had to work around it.


mmPosted 10/27/09 04:45PM Send a private email to mm. Changed 10/27/09 04:46PM
I really like the suncoast shavings. They are hard to get here. I got several bags last year and have been hoarding them. Only have 2 bags left. They are very large thick chips. We can't muzzle at any California livestock show. Just be sure to take your sheep out of the pens when feeding. This prevents them from sifting through the shavings looking for spilled feed. Also, don't clean the pen too often. I know this goes against what is expected, but once the sheep pee in the bedding they will stop eating it. Fresh bedding is like candy to them.

sheepfreak101Posted 10/28/09 09:45AM Send a private email to sheepfreak101. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
I found a place close to me that sells cedar fiber. He has never heard of anyone beddng sheep on this. He asked me to find out if you wet it down at all and does it stay out of the wool or do you keep a tube or blanket on them? Has anyone used this at NAILE or should I go get cedar shavings?

bigiron59Posted 10/28/09 09:55AM Send a private email to bigiron59. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
cedar fiber(mulch) and cypress mulch both work really well. Can get it at any garden suplly center. Sheep won't eat it, they stay clean on it, don't need to wet it down.I won't use anything else. We keep the lambs blanketed until show time anyway, but don't use tubes. And this stuff stays in the pens, not all over the alley .

SHADOWRANPosted 10/28/09 10:49AM Send a private email to SHADOWRAN. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
smells good too, we have used it for years and the small pieces get into the leg hair and wool but the kids wash it out. We used cedar shaving this year and I noticed a few picking at it, I think if you can get them used to it at home first than they usally won't eat it.

I was at a show a few weeks ago here in Ca and saw a bunch of lambs with muzzles and I was like "WOW" haven't seen that in years, I asked around and they said they didn't have to follow the state fair guidelines, I don't know.


sweetmtn1Posted 10/28/09 05:45PM Send a private email to sweetmtn1. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Jim, if it is a STATE sponsored show they have to follow the state rules, but some shows are not given state funds, they dont have to follow the state rules. Like one small livestock show north of me, it is ONLY for their area, not part of a fair, and done on an adjoining property not owned by the state, next to the high school.

JVPosted 11/30/10 12:56PM Send a private email to JV. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
We have had show lambs bedded on wood chips for 7 months and not had trouble with them eating them, however we changed bedding 3 days ago and one of the lambs has been bloated and foaming at the mouth for three days. Does it seem likely he ate the chips, if so what should we do.

CountrygirlstrongPosted 05/04/11 05:10PM Send a private email to Countrygirlstrong. Changed 05/04/11 05:11PM
Hey everyone! I was hoping somebody could help me with a problem with my 4H lamb. I've been showing lambs for along time! I've never had a problem like this one though. I just bought a lamb from a local lamb auction. (I've always got them from there). My lamb is a bit smaller than the one's there, but was still born in february, or march. Cannot quite remember. Anyways, he just will not eat! I started him on a cheep all purpose feed from the local rural store. He mainly picked at it. So I purchased show master. A $20.00 bag of feed, hoping he would like that better. Still nothing. He just picks at it. He's pretty small, I'm scared he won't gain any weight come fair this August. Is there anything I can do? Please help!


Email me if possible, not sure how soon I can check back to this. =)

iheartsheepgirlPosted 05/04/11 07:10PM Send a private email to iheartsheepgirl. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Marissa, contact the lamb's breeder and find out what they were feeding. Are you feeding any hay?

SHADOWRANPosted 05/04/11 07:13PM Send a private email to SHADOWRAN. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
might help to start a new post, I would suggest B-12 and a good show mix

1stgenshowmanPosted 05/04/11 07:46PM Send a private email to 1stgenshowman. Changed 05/04/11 10:11PM
iheartsheepgirlPosted 05/04/11 08:12PM Send a private email to iheartsheepgirl. Changed 00/00/00 12:00AM
Old thread.


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